Foundation: Doctrine of Christ – Lesson 1

Hebrews 6:1-3 declares the 7 principles of the Christian Faith. Labeled ‘The Doctrine of Christ’, it is amazing that Christian catechisms do not teach this passage as the ‘Articles of Faith’!

The Secret Names

The New Testament reveals the secret name of the Tetregrammaton concealed in the Old Testament. Learn the true importance and power of this name.

Biblical Authority

Biblical Authority is important and Divinely appointed. What is the process to appoint and confirm authority? Who can be anointed with Authority. How is it defined for the Church?

Am I in False Doctrine?

Is it Indoctrination or Brainwashing that has removed our CRITICAL THINKING? This video exposes one of the biggest logical fallacies in Christianity today.

Why the Thief on the Cross did not get baptized

Was the Thief on the Cross an Old Testament or a New Testament salvation? Did the Thief on the Cross need to be water baptized? Find out the real answer in this chronology presentation of the Old and New Testaments.