Confession of our Faith: The 10 Commandments of Love

We need to work on it.  Say what?  We need to work on loving our world up higher.  If revival is ever to be unleashed in our Churches, then it must start inside our darkened hearts. 

If we want revival in our assemblies, then we need to do something about it starting with just one.  Me. 

Here is a version of the 10 commandments of love that bring revival.  Let’s get started, maybe even print them out, post them onto our refrigerators and memorize them.  Let’s confess our faith, the very reason why imperfect people attend Church.


1. For God so loved me that he gave his only begotten son, thereby proving that I am worth loving. This is the beginning of self-esteem (John 3:16).

2. Little children, let us love with deeds of truth (service and charity), not with empty words of the tongue (1 John 3:17-18).

3. The royal law is love, and to fulfill it, I must love myself first then my neighbor, in that order. God help me so (James 2:8).

4. Spiritual warfare is to love my enemies unconditionally, purifying their minds with coals of fire, the very Holiness of God. This is how I am most like God who does good to all, even to those who are unthankful and evil (Luke 6:25-38, Romans 12:14-21).

5. My love must be patient, kind, humble, unselfish, tolerant, hopeful, enduring both bad and good times, and a celebrator of truth (1 Corinthians 13).

6. My love does not brag, seek power over others, praise or enjoy evil deeds, get provoked easily, and does not get prideful due to my knowledge or spiritual giftedness. My love does not think evil thoughts of suspicion about others nor does it ever give up and stop trying (1 Corinthians 13).

7. Even if I speak in tongues, understand all the mysteries of God, prophesy and have all wisdom, I am nothing if I don’t love myself and my brothers. If I don’t love, I am spiritually immature, a childish baby in Christ only able to drink milk (1 Corinthians 13).

8. My love does not repay evil with evil nor avenge itself with words or deeds. I will turn the other cheek, give up my possessions to others, and stop resisting evil. I will continually rejoice when I am persecuted for carrying the name of Jesus in this true fashion (Matthew 5:11, 37, 39; Romans 12:19)

9. God’s love in and through me will be the salt of the earth, the light set on a hill, and the single focus of the eye that fills my body full of light. Truthfully, love is the holiness of God and the highest definition of the name of Jesus. When love is my motivation, I possess the first fruit of His Spirit (Matthew 5:13-14; 6:22, Acts 3:6, Romans 5:5, 2 Corinthians 6:3-10, Galatians 5:22, Ephesians 1:4).

10. When people curse me, hate me, despise me, cast me out, and use me, I will bless them and pray for them, expecting nothing in return. This raises me up into true holiness and its how I reflect the real image of God (Matthew 5:43-48).

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