Daniel and the Babylonian Crisis

Angelic visitors and watchers are also emphasized in Daniel’s memoir, showing the future of world empires and God’s sovereignty over the Gentile Nations and Israel’s future. The Angels represent God’s omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence in world affairs. Two of these beings are named for us: 1) Gabriel and 2) Michael. Throughout this memoir, predictive prophecy, monotheism, and the sovereign power of God are revealed to Israel and all Gentile nations. Daniel himself represents God’s chosenness of those Jews faithful to the Mosaic covenant.

As literature, it becomes obvious that Daniel Chapters 1-6 are a memoir and historical novel, whereas Chapters 7-12 are a separate work of predictive prophecy. Both Gentiles and Jews are given predictive prophecy to emphasize God’s sapient oversight of human futures. It’s history in advance, incapable of being tampered with by human time travel. Predictive prophecy is a gift that emphasizes God’s care and love for His faithful people, who alone are chosen to receive Divine wisdom and intelligence for understanding the unfolding future (revelation, illumination). Curiously, chapters 2:4-7:28 are written in Chaldean Aramaic, not Hebrew. Could it be that this section of the Book represents the time Daniel spent in the City of Babylon versus the Persian-Elam city of Susa? Or could it be that upon being commanded to seal the prophecy (8:26), Daniel encoded one section in Aramaic and one section in Hebrew, in a subtle structure that prevents the predictive prophecies from being corrupted by subsequent copyists and translators? Is it possible that a linguistic effort has been made to separate the predictive prophecies for gentiles versus Israel? For example, gentile empires are predicted by the Chaldean Aramaic language versus Israel’s predictive history by use of the Hebrew language?

WIth regard to the predictive prophecies targeted at Israel, it seems apparent that the Jewish restoration, the Abomination of Desolation, and the arrival of the Messiah is the focus. Only selected pious ones can remove the keystoned distortions found by those trapped in the limitations of scholasticism. Knowing that this section is double entendre’ toward Israel and the New Testament Church of JESUS, a repeatable pattern emerges which is a clear warnng for the End Time Church. One last thing is noteworthy. Gabriel tells Daniel that the predictive prophecies given to him in Chapters 10, 11, 12 are sealed, encrypted, until after some of the events have passed but also at the end time. The end time target predictions for the Church will be revealed to ‘the wise who shall do exploits’ just prior to the events unfolding themselves (12:26).

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