• Biblical Authority - Biblical Authority is important and Divinely appointed. What is the process to appoint and confirm authority? Who can be anointed with Authority. How is it defined for the Church?
  • How Christians get Robbed - It takes a thief to rob someone of the truth. Judas Iscariot is the premiere thief of the Bible who personifies satan. What qualities does a thief possess? How can you identify someone trying to rob you?
  • The Real Gospel - There is a REAL Gospel and many false gospels. Which report do you believe?
  • What Must I do to be Saved - The REAL plan of salvation is unchanged, although many have taught something else. Learn what the apostles preached and what message saved the first Christians.
  • The End Time Missionary - Prepper or Missionary? Two end time evangelism methods to reach the last generation before Jesus returns.