Misc Topics

  • Biblical Authority - Biblical Authority is important and Divinely appointed. What is the process to appoint and confirm authority? Who can be anointed with Authority. How is it defined for the Church?
  • Luther’s Conundrum (1 of 3) - Martin Luther was a Catholic Monk who only gave us milk to drink because of his Conundrum. What was he missing?
  • Luther’s Conundrum (2 of 3) – Blind Guide - Luther had a very big conundrum in defining faith and works. Why? Because of his Catholic and Monastic background. The protestant movements of our day are blindly guided by Luther's conundrum.
  • Luther’s Conundrum (3 of 3) – Inner demon of Intolerance - Martin Luther and many of his friends of the Reformation, were just as Intolerant as their Catholic fathers. This study concludes that there is no way that Luther was imbued with the Holy Spirit of Christ.
  • The Day of the Lord - This is Peter's sermon modern preacher no longer preach. Why? They have been mesmerized by cultural intolerance and Augustine's doctrine of predestination.
  • Three Questions at the Mt. of Olives - The Olivet discourse is a SEALED Prophecy. That is, one that has come true. Jesus prophesy's that the TEMPLE stones will be cast one upon another. This came true in 70AD. He specifically answered the first question of Peter, James, Andrew, and John. But what about the other 2 questions?
  • Speaking in Tongues: Gift of the Spirit vs. Evidence of the Spirit - Evangelical doctrine on speaking in Tongues is a pork sandwich. It's not kosher. This bible study exposes a false doctrine that is keeping people from experiencing the Kingdom of God.
  • 0001-Flashpoints - Flash point videos are designed to be forwarded. Please share with your friends. http://153greatfish.com