• Biblical Authority - Biblical Authority is important and Divinely appointed. What is the process to appoint and confirm authority? Who can be anointed with Authority. How is it defined for the Church?
  • Gift of Faith - The Gift of Faith is probably the most important gift of the Spirit after the Gift of Prophecy. Do we know how to operate within this anointing? How should we proceed?
  • Tribulation Warriors - Love is waxing cold and God is calling Tribulation warriors to step up. In this dramatic prophecy by Dave Wilkerson in 1973, our modern times were perfectly laid out in advance by the Lord. Send Wilkerson's 1973 Prophecy to your friends…Note: HBO's Bill Maher is even named in the vision.
  • Time of Visitation (1 of 2) - Knowing the Key to the 'Time of Visitation' is essential for understanding the approximate time of Jesus' second coming. The Priest and Scribes of Jesus' day did not know His 'Time of Visitation' for Coronation and thus, suffered the 'Days of Vengeance'. Will the Church make the same mistake in misunderstanding Daniel 9:27 as the key to the "Time of Visitation".
  • Time of Visitation (2 of 2) - Jesus makes it clear when the Great Tribulation will begin. This clue is the Date Setter's ammunition to declare the Day and Hour.
  • Syrian Missile Crisis – Warning Warning Warning - The Russian built S300 Missile System will soon be activated in Syria. If you fell asleep, this is what is happening that could dramatically affect your life. Pray for Israel.